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Bloomsbury Organ Day - Saturday 25th January


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Bloomsbury Organ Day


Saturday, January 25th from 1:00 pm
A Music in Bloomsbury and Organists Online Joint Event
The theme of this year's event is Allein Gott!! - chorale and cantus firmus based
organ music explored through that mainstay of the organ repertoire - the toccata /
prelude / fantasia and fugue.
Three half-hour recitals will be given by Freddie James, Ben Bloor and students
from the RCO / St Giles School.
Presentations will also be given by Philip Norman,
John Peacham and Neil Collier (Priory Records).
During the day, there will be ongoing refreshments, displays of relevant material
and sales of CDs and books and a substantial buffet.
Jane Parker-Smith will conclude the day with a celebrity recital.
Students from RCO / St Giles - 1:00 pm
Freddie James (St John's College, Cambridge) - 2:30 pm
Ben Bloor (New College, Oxford) - 4:00 pm
Jane Parker-Smith (International Concert Organist) - 6:00 pm
Philip Norman - Gregorian Chant Based Music - 1:30 pm
John Peacham - The German Chorale Prelude - 3:00 pm
Neil Collier - Karg-Elert and the Chorale Prelude - 4:30 pm
There will be displays by various organ-related organisations and the opportunity
to purchase magazines, books, CDs, etc.
Ongoing during the afternoon.
A bookable Special Buffet is available at 5:00 pm
For the afternoon recitals and displays - free (but with a voluntary collection)
Special Buffet - £5
Celebrity Recital by Jane Parker-Smith - £5
Please let Philip Luke know - philipluke@waitrose.com or phone 01953 688393 to book a meal
in advance (this can also be done through the website) or for any further information at all.
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EP


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