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did you just end up a the pub?

Westgate Morris

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1. Perhaps the Toccata by Henri Nibelle? Manuals only until about 3 (?) pages before the end. Quite an engaging piece.

2. There was a thread regarding the Oxford Lent and Easter book this time last year. I purchased it having read favourable reviews on here, and there is a good amount of material in there. My congregation particularly enjoyed the Toccata on 'Aberystwyth' by David Bednall, and there's a wealth of quieter items in there, some of which I used as pre-service voluntaries. Nibelle mentioned above also wrote a collection of 50 Pieces, which is a useful tome to have at the console - though I'm unsure of its availability.

3. Until fairly recently I lived abroad, where an organist friend of mine and I used to frequently do this. And it inevitably always ended up at the pub. :)


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... Franz Schmidt toccata in C (Austrian - could this be the most difficult toccata ever written?) ...


There is also that (Op. 12) written by Fernando Germani (and recorded at Chichester Cathedral, by Nicolas Kynaston). I believe that this work may vie with the Schmidt for this accolade. (Or do you mean the one he wrote in C minor? This one is indeed extremely difficult.)


(Although this one was recorded live at a recital in Bruges Cathedral, in 2009.)
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