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Cavaille-Coll Recital by Ian Tracey

Christine Jose Rigby

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We are looking forward to a long awaited Recital in the Parr Hall, Warrington.

I am sure that anyone who can be there will not be disappointed.

Almost 14 years have passed since Ian Tracey's last Cavaille-Coll Recital in the Parr Hall.

That has been far too long.

On that occasion, we were treated to a programme of music in the Great French Tradition.

This was a recital exploring the great Parisian Churches and their music.

The tour went from Right Bank to Left Bank - with the music of the organist-composers who had held positions at each of these churches, in their turn.

From Couperin to Durufle, the journey was unforgettable.

This is the link http://bit.ly/1jSDIMu to yet another evening of memorable music. :)

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