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Happy Easter


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A very Happy Easter to everyone on the message board, and I trust your celebration of the resurrection has been suitably joyful and your Easter services have gone well (if indeed you have any!).


I have once again thoroughly enjoyed the journey through Holy Week culminating in a wonderfully festive Eucharist this morning with a full church. The Solo Trumpet and Zimbelstern saw plenty of use! I finished with the Lanquetuit Toccata, my first go at it; I actually found it slightly easier than I expected to learn (although quite physically tiring after the fourth play through in a row!), mostly because of the repeating patterns - a great piece, at any rate.


Just Evensong to go now...

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(Late) Easter greetings to you too, Philip (and all other contributors, of course). Our Easter services went exceptionally smoothly. Finished with Cochereau Sortie on 'Haec Dies' on Easter Sunday - everything else was pretty much similar to last year. I have the score to the Lanquetuit but have never mustered up the strength to learn it - one for a rainy day, perhaps...


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