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To my surprise, I couldn't find any reference to this when searching the site, so in the hope that I am not duplicating what everyone already knows ...


The Netherlands Bach Society has decided to produce video recordings of ALL of Bach's works. The project started in September 2013 and the first videos were posted from 2nd May 2014. We are promised a new video posted every Friday. So far there are six videos on line, four of them organ works, one on harpsichord, and there is one cantata. The performance, video and sound recording are superb. See http://allofbach.com/en/


I have only two niggles:


Not all of the organ recordings say which instrument is used, although most will recognise the Martinikerk in Groningen, played by Leo van Doeselaar, and the Lutheran Church in The Hague, played by Reitze Smits.


At one a week, I doubt if I will survive to hear the complete oeuvre.

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Thank-you for this. I've just listened to and watched the Great G minor played at Groningen by Leo van Doeselaar. Fabulous organ, great performance, but when it comes to elaborate gestures, swaying about and jowl-shaking, he could take a lesson in demure deportment from Virgil Fox.


Tierce de Picardy at the end of the Fantasia, I notice....


I look forward to more of this series and this player.

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