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Paris - Music Shops?


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I will be in Paris for a short time early next month - can anyone please advise as to where I could spend a happy half hour browsing through some decent organ music with the possibility of purchasing! Ideally in the central area - I once shot off on foot somewhere behind S. Eustache looking for Di Arezzo only to find that they seemed to be mail order only!




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There's a handful of shops along Rue de Rome by St Lazare station.


Best of these certainly used to be "Flute de Pan"



I once found an organ sheet music mecca in what seemed like a large shed in someone's garden near Robinson RER station but I don't think it's been there for some time- don't know if it relocated or simply shut down.


La Procure just off Place St Sulpice has mainly liturgical/sacred resources but I have picked up some interesting organ scores there in the past.




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