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You learn something every day!


According to Wikipedia, as well as The Trumpet Voluntary, Purcell's "Trumpet Tune in D" is also by Jeremiah Clarke: The famous Trumpet Tune in D (also incorrectly attributed to Purcell) was taken from the semi-opera The Island Princess, which was a joint musical production of Clarke and Daniel Purcell (Henry Purcell's younger brother)—probably leading to the confusion.


Apparently this has been known for many years, though not to me. I see the OUP Wedding Book and the new Purcell Album edited by Martin Setchell both still think it’s by Purcell.


There's a recording of Clarke's The Island Princess from which it comes here:

(at 3.20)

(I must admit that at first I didn’t believe the Wikipedia article.)


Has anyone got a copy of the book Wikipedia gives as a source: “The Trumpet Voluntary” by Cudworth, C., & Zimmerman, F. B. (1960).

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The blurb states that this was written in 1699. Purcell died in 1695. Methinks he would have done well to have returnèd four years later.


Astonishing how much he was able to accomplish in his 36 years- and how much has survived the centuries, what with wars, damp, mould, fire and other vicissitudes.


In this HIP recording, moreover, I believe it's more like 'The Hautboy Voluntary'.

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