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News from Bradford Cathedral

Jonathan Eyre

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We are pleased to report the completion of the first phase of restoration work at Bradford Cathedral. The instrument now benefits from a revitalised and redesigned console, with new keyboards, pedal board, swell pedals, toe and thumb piston layouts, sequencer and stepper facilities, and a new bench, all commissioned from P&S and installed by A J Carter of Wakefield, working in conjunction with Andrew Cooper. The new console has considerably eased the experience of playing the instrument, and resident players and visitors alike are delighted by it.

Fundraising is ongoing, with £118,000 raised in total since the launch of the Organ Appeal two years ago. We are now turning our attention towards plans for a nave pipe division, playable from the console, to enhance the projection of organ sound through the building, and in the second phase we will also attend to the transmission for the whole instrument.
We are pleased with the progress that has been made, not least as the project was embarked in the eye of a severe recession, and we are most grateful to the many individual donors and supporters as well as the grant-making trusts and bodies that have kindly supported the restoration appeal.
Alex Woodrow and Jonathan Eyre
Bradford Cathedral
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