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Search for photograph William Ralph Driffill


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Dear all,


The British composer William Ralph Driffill (1875*-1922) is in The Netherlands mainly known for his Toccata, the final movement of his Suite for organ.


For an article in the Dutch organ magazine De Orgelvriend we are searching for a photograph of Ralph Driffill. There is only a very tiny picture on www.composers-classical-music/d/DriffillWilliamRalph.htm but it is too small to be used in a printed magazine.


Could anyone help us with a high resolution picture of WRD, please?


Thanks very much!


Gerco Schaap

Editor Dutch organ magazine De Orgelvriend,

e-mail orgelvriend@ziggo.nl


* There seems to be some discussion about WRD's correct year of birth. Organ-biography and Bardon Music give 1870 as year of birth. In a letter from his granddaughter Janet, somewhere on the internet, the year 1875 is mentioned.

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Additionally, in the census return he completed on 2 April 1911 he confirms his birthplace as Dunstable, Bedfordshire, his occupation as a "Teacher of Music" and his age as 40. Someone on Ancestry.co.uk has posted a group photograph of William, his wife and their wedding guests taken at his wedding on 30 July 1908, but I have no idea whether the poster owns the copyright (or if it is still within copyright). You would need to subscribe to the site to follow this up. The site also has a photograph of the marriage entry in the wedding register and this, too, confirms his birth year as 1870.

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