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Fire: Cathedral of Saint-Donatien, Nantes


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Hi all,


BBC has been reporting all day that a fire broke out in the roof of the basilica of St. Donatien, Nantes at just after 08:30 BST (10:30 French time) during a morning mass. Fortunately it seems that the city's fire brigade arrived pronto and managed to confine the fire to the roof although I am guessing, in view of the lack of tiles on the roof now, that some of the roof may have fallen in. Reports say that "the roof and the back part of the basilica - where some wooden beams have given way - have been severely damaged and efforts are now under way to save several previous objects inside the basilica, most notably its organ".


Full picture (from the website of "The Independant"): http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/fire-engulfs-basilique-saint-donatien-in-nantes-10320298.html

BBC News report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33134463


I guess the organ may - at least in part - be dismantled for a while to allow for repairs to take place. Pity the fire had to happen but it seems, fortunately, that the blaze was not as serious as it might otherwise have been.




EDIT: Thanks to AJJ I understand that this is a basilica, not the cathedral: I had presumed that the basilica and the cathedral were the same building. I cannot edit the subject heading though. Thanks, AJ.

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