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Geoffrey Marshall, for many years organist at Rennes Cathedral in Brittany died at the end of last week. A former student of Roy Massey and Conrad Eden and Durham graduate he had worked in France since the late 1970s and was well known as a teacher and supporter of church music 'done properly'. I was lucky to spend time with him in Rennes last year when even then he was not at all well and will remember his hospitality to my family and me, his marvellous music on the choir organ in the cathedral and his patient assistance with research I was doing at the time.



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Ses obsèques auront lieu mardi 25 août, à 15 h, à la cathédrale de Rennes.


(La Messe des obsèques de Geoffrey Marshall, titulaire des orgues de la Cathédrale de RENNES, sera célébrée mardi 25 août 2015 à 15h00. Tous les musiciens et chanteurs qui souhaitent s'unir par la musique sont invités à se retrouver à la Cathédrale à 13h30 ce même mardi.)



Requiem aeternam

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