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George Stam - Passcaglia In G


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George Stam - Passacaglia in G


I wonder if anyone has ever heard or played this work?


I came across a superb web-site whilst I was digging around, looking for information about Zwolle. The site is dedicated to the superb Garrels organ at Massluis in the Nederlands.


I was quite struck by the quality of the writing, which seems to have more than hint of Reger about it.


Not only this, the website has numerous sound-clips of various organ-works, which go some way to demonstrating how the organists in Holland play romantic music, but the examples do not properly compare with what I have heard at Haarlem, where there are rather more stops to play with.


This intriguing site may be found as follows:-




There are lots of pretty pictures, and the organ features in regular organ-concours competitions as well as concerts.


To hear the sound-clips, click on "Multimedia" where the George Stam Passacaglia, or at least part of it, may be heard. It quite impressed me!


Don't miss the performance of Thalben-Ball's "Elegy".....all done without a swell-box or a single thumb-piston!



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