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The Miller-Scott Organ, St Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York City

John Furse

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In the light of recent sad events and a comment yesterday, it might be pertinent to commence a new thread, on what will be known as the Miller-Scott Organ. This should prove a most apposite and lasting memorial.


The official church site gives a synopsis, here: http://www.saintthomaschurch.org/music/neworgan.


Dobson will build what will be a 102-stop instrument, with work well under way. This company's web page for Opus 93 is here, with the proposed specification revealed by scrolling down: http://www.dobsonorgan.com/html/instruments/op93_newyork.html.





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Yes - I saw this scheme a few months ago and, on paper, it looks to be both comprehensive and generally quite sensible. Perhaps it is a shame that so much pipe-work from the previous instrument is scheduled to be discarded. Presumably it was felt that the cost of re-scaling and re-voicing in order to fit in with the new tonal scheme was prohibitive.


It has to be said that, though the previous organ was very exciting for repertoire (particularly the French symphonic school), it was less well-equipped for choral accompaniment, having but one expressive division and a great emphasis on chorus-work and mutations, to the detriment of quieter, accompanimental registers.

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