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Ton Koopman, The Haarlem Essays, and Looking Up At Organs and Ceilings


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Wow! Silence for 2 years, then 2 posts one after the other from me. (Note sheepish grin)

I hope this won't be against the rules of the forum, but I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I am now able to provide a site for people wanting to buy English organ books published by Butz of Bonn.


There are just 3 volumes to begin with: the absolutely compelling Haarlem Essays (yes, THAT Haarlem), a Festschrift for Ton Koopman called The Spirit of the Baroque, and a coffee table book "Looking Up at Pipe Organs and Ceilings" which you can order using a variety of currencies via PayPal, all at Pipeline Press . Butz have done a generous deal on shipping outside Europe, which is something for those of us stuck 12,000 miles away at the bottom of the world.


Anyway, do pop in to look at these books - and the entire www.pipelinepress.com website has just had a major overhaul too. Which explains the bags under my eyes.



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