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Kenneth Leighton - Communion Service

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Good evening all! I have a slightly unusual question for you to get your heads around.


I first discovered Leighton's Communion Service in D major, op. 45, in a Presbyterian Hymnal in a chapel where I used to practise the organ. This was obviously only the congregational version. I quite liked it, and so decided to buy the choral version from OUP, only to find that the Gloria was rather different! In the choral version, the Gloria, in 3/4, is at the end (following the BCP order), and is clearly written to be so, whereas the version in the hymnal, in 4/4, strikes me as being more suitable for the Gloria in its position after the Absolution, following modern liturgical practice. Both are clearly part of the same set, with motifs linked to the other movements, but I would be keen to find the 4/4 Gloria in its choral form, if it exists. Does anyone know how it may be obtained please?

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