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Bppks for dispoasal

Denis O'Connor

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Having disposed of the bulk of my book collection, I am faced with the problem of what to do with the not insubstantial remnant.I have about 100 books (mostly well-known titles) and a collection of a number of periodicals. If anyone is interested in filling a gap in their collection,I have a long run (incomplete)of RCO journals dating from 1906 1975,Organ Historical Society convention hand books from 1997-2014(2013 missing),

Organ Club journals about 15 in number,Organ Club Handbooks-Silver,Golden and Diamond special numbers,miscellaneousBIOS publications and a long run of the French journal L'Orgue.(about 80)

Should anybody be interested,please contact me. NB I nearly forgot the largest shelf filler:I have bound copies of Organists' Review bound in red library style binding from 1974-1995 and from 1996 -2012 in embossed binders. I will make a very modest charge for any item( which will be even more modest the more you want). Collection from Gloucester is welcomed.

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