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In old documents.....


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Hi all,


Have had my eyes on these two publications for the last few days: they both relate to St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol (later Bristol Cathedral):








Might one find references to old organs of the Abbey in these books? The history of the cathedral's organs (which, surprisingly, has not been in print for a good few years AFAIK) gave the earliest organ reference as 1515 but I would be surprised if there was nothing earlier so wonder if it is worth getting one - or both - of these out of curiosity.


Thoughts welcome.


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I'm not interdisciplinary enough to be a specialist in these sorts of documents, but I would have thought it very unlikely. I believe that compotus rolls deal in lands and the heirs thereof, but I'm not sure whether that's the whole story. The manorial accounts I would expect to be just that: accounts of manors belonging to the abbey - not very likely places to have organs at this date. So the answer on both counts is "almost certainly not", although I suppose one should never say never.

Both books are actually available online here:





I did have a speed-read of the compotus rolls and didn't spot anything obvious. However, I find speed-reading difficult enough in English, let alone medieval Latin, so don't take my word for it!

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I read through, albeit briefly, and found no reference at all to organs or to the players of them which was a shame.


The expenses for the 'Care of the Church and cost of Services' include a payment to the sub-sacrist for his work in the church and care of the clock. There is a payment for Vestments - laundry, mending and renewals, for Cleaning the church, care of the bells etc. and for Masses, lighting and bellringing - but no mention of organs or a player of them - and the accounts are quite detailed - 4p for the Repairs to the door lock of the latrine!


An interesting read all the same!

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