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What piece is this?


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And from 57.30, Abide With Me. I thought this was only an English hymn.


Clearly between Monk writing the tune, in 1847, it had time to travel to Germany where it appears in the Koln Gesangbuch - and in a couple of other North German books I have in my possession. A number of hymn tunes do - and, of course, our hymn books are full of tunes 'borrowed' from the German Lutheran and Catholic traditions.

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Hello Dave,

Wondering if anyone can identify the piece of music which is played for the opening 2 minutes of this clip? Nice use of the cimbelstern bells (although the organ case, AFAIK, has no rotating start on it).


no piece, it's an improvisation.

In 2014 the german hymnal Gotteslob was renewed. Since then "Abide with me" is used for Nr. 94 "Bleib bei uns Herr, die Sonne gehet nieder." and for 325 "Bleibe bei uns, du Wandrer durch die Zeit!"




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