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Whitlock, Harwood, etc


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Are there any currently-available recordings of Percy Whitlock's Organ Symphony in G Minor, Basil Harwood's Organ Concerto in D, CH Lloyd's Organ Concerto, or any similar works?

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Whitlock - Organ Symphony in G min - Francis Jackson - Amphion label - recorded in York Minster 1999


Basil Harwood - Organ Concerto in D - Adrian Partington is recording the entire Organ works of Harwood - Vol. 1 at Bristol Cathedral, Vol 2 at Birmingham Oratory, Vol. 3 at Clifton College - on the Priory label - however the Organ Concerto seems not to have been recorded yet!


CH Lloyd Organ Concerto - I can find no reference to a recording of this work anywhere. Sorry!


Hope that's a bit of help!

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I have several recordings of live performances of the Whitlock Symphony (Chatham, York Minster, London) in the archive as well as one of the Basil Harwood.


Let me know if you'd like to hear them.


As to the Lloyd, do the orchestral parts exist?


The Quentin Maclean Concerto is extant.


Best wishes,



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Malcolm, Many thanks for this. Yes, I would certainly interested in hearing some of those.

Let's talk more if we get a moment after tomorrow's concert.

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