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Abe Books seem to have it but it's priced in USD and with shipping it might be a bit steep for what you want:


If you are unfamiliar with them I've used them and found them to be a reliable, if not the cheapest, firm.


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A lot depends on how the bookseller has catalogued an item and precisely what search terms one uses.

I find the best place to start is here:


Not only does it search a wide range of sites (including, but not confined to, Amazon, ABE and ebay) but - somewhat counterintuitively - it often throws up copies that don't show up if one goes straight to a particular bookselling site and queries it directly.

Worth trying it for music too: coverage is much less comprehensive than for books, so it's more hit and miss, but it quite often throws up a bargain or that elusive item one has hunted for in vain. 

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