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Christ Church, Welshpool

Aeron Glyn Preston

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Good afternoon everyone!

I wanted to point forum members to a very worthy project in Welshpool, in Mid-Wales.  Christ Church in Welshpool was designed by Thomas Penson as a second parish church in the 19th century, in a Romanesque style.  Sadly, the church became redundant, but is now being lovingly restored.  Karl and Natalie Bass have completed their own residence at the back of the nave and under the tower, and are now starting to restore the nave, the organ, and other fittings.  The Gray/Holdich organ was built for St Mary's, Welshpool, in 1813,  and was moved to Christ Church in 1884.  They have started raising money for a full restoration with an organ recital by James Parsons last Sunday, and have already raised £700!  I am sure they would appreciate any contributions.  Natalie has also told me that members of the forum are welcome to book a visit to play the organ.  It is one of two organs by Gray in Montgomeryshire with BIOS certificates; the other is at the Church of St Mary and St Tysilio in nearby Meifod.

Information on the recital at Christ Church: https://www.christchurchwelshpool.co.uk/an-afternoon-of-organ-music-with-james-parsons/

NPOR entry for Christ Church: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=D00050

NPOR entry for St Mary and St Tysilio, Meifod: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=D02563 (Note that a replacement for the original Great Mixture* with contemporary pipework has been put in by Peter Collins in recent years, according to the organist, Dr Malcolm Clarke.) 

*And trumpet

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What a wonderful, idiosyncratic and visionary project!  Best wishes to the Bass family; they are going to have something really special when it's all done.  I've only had 2 mins to skim their website but will have a proper look later and will watch with interest. Do ping us here with any updates.

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