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Leather eyelets


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Dear all,

I'm contemplating some restoration work on a small organ (circa 1900 vintage) which I acquired as it was being thrown out. The leather eyelets at the ends of the roller arms are perished. I would prefer to replace like with like but where does one obtain such leather eyelets and how are they inserted?

Any wise advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Guest Geoff McMahon

Replacing these is a little more complicated than it might appear. A thin strip of leather is pulled through the eye, the width of the leather being appropriate to making the bushing. When the leather is almost pulled through, the other side is cut off. This is then squeezed with a special pair of pliers, which has two round flat surfaces and a pin and it is then generally given a coat of shellac varnish.


As you will gather, it is alittle difficult to explain, less so actually to do.



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Thank you for a good explanation. I have seen such pliers on eBay so I will try to get a pair (and suitable leather) to make a decent job.

I have read Dominic Gwynn's book "Historic Organ Conservation" where the proper approach is highlighted and the practice of cutting open the eyes specifically condemned!


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