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Pedalboard design


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Can anyone explain why some otherwise excellent organ builders persist with a design of pedalboard that has a pin through a felted bush at the toe end? (I have no idea what our host does, so apologies if necessary, or congratulations if not). In my experience, after ten to fifteen years (not long in organ terms) the felt wears through and then the pedals rattle annoyingly. H,N&B used this design as did many others. It doesn't work.

There is a much better way - the toe ends of the pedals work between dowels and are covered with sheepskin. Pedalboards to this design seem to last almost forever. Why doesn't everyone do this?



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Guest Geoff McMahon

Mander Organs uses the dowel and sheepskin method. I have seen the other method, but am not sure what the advantages are supposed to be.



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