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I came across a rather exciting fugue which doesn't "sound" unplayable, but which deserves to be better known IMHO.


The Fugue is by Josef Trompke, and an excellent performance of it may be heard, played by the German organist Gunther Rost, at the following:-




Click on "samples" and scroll down.


It's also a good site on which to hear some of Petr Eben's organ-music; especially the splendid "Moto Ostinato" from the "Dominicus Musicalis" (formerly known as Sunday Music).


The organ is by Schuke, Potsdam, and sound quite splendid.



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Until to-day, I had regarded Willhelm Middelschulte as something of a one-trick-pony with that "Perpetually Unplayable" pedal solo work.


I am often overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of my own ignorance, which took a particularly nasty turn to-day, when I discovered that the great man (who taught Virgil Fox) actually wrote other music for organ, which sounds amazingly Reger-esque.


Somewhere buried among the details at the following link, is a smidgin' of one of the works:-




I still think it sounds as if one needs at least shin-pads and other protective safety-gear in order to avoid personal injury when performing it, but it sounds quite impressive nonetheless.


Super organ!



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