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An Organists' Qualifications

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What are some qualifications a organist could go for without completing any type of musical studies course at a institute?

(For an example, a LRAM qualification is only for students who are doing a undergraduate or postgraduate students at the Royal Academy of Music, so excluding any qualifications like these which requires you to attend a course at a specific institute)

I believe there are the following: (please reply below about the worthiness and experiences with these qualifications)

- GRADE 1-8 (Trinity College or ABRSM)





-ARSM (Quite a new addition)







-ARCM (Not Available anymore?)

-DipCHD (Choral Direction diploma for inspiring Directors of Music?)

-LCM Qualifications (Didn't know these qualifications until a few years ago)

-FRSA (Rather weird? Society of Arts Fellowship?)



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