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In preparation for my retirement, I am pleased to inform you all that Geoff McMahon will be returning to Mander Organs with the intention of assuming the role of Managing Director. As you may be aware, Geoff was previously in charge of the drawing office here, having responsibility for such significant projects as the 72-stop organ for Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Atlanta, and the refurbishment of the instrument in the Royal Albert Hall. Long-standing Head Voicer, Michael Blighton, is to join him on the Board as Tonal Director.


Geoff's first task after re-joining the company, something he has already started, is to train Josh Anderson in the drawing office. Josh joined us from Kenneth Tickell a year ago and has become a valuable addition to our team. He already has some drawing experience. He will also be overseeing the commissioning of our recently acquired CNC machine, which he used when he was with Tickell.
Later this year it is planned to transfer the ownership of Mander Organs to an Employee Ownership Trust. The trust will own all of the shares on behalf of employees as a whole, essentially making the staff the owners of the firm.
I will not be disappearing over the horizon, never to be seen again, but will remain at Mander Organs as long as Geoff, Michael and anybody else at Mander Organs wishes. Even after that period, I will be available to be called in for any assistance or advise which may be required, which may include interactions with clients, should that be desirable.
We all see this as an exciting new chapter in the history of Mander Organs. I will be sad to leave the firm, which I have directed for 35 years, but I think the time is right. I am sure you will find Geoff, supported by Michael and the whole team, as helpful partners in organ building and trust you will join me in wishing them the very best for the future.
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4 minutes ago, David Drinkell said:

I'm sure all forumites wish you a very long,  happy and fulfilled retirement, John.  Thank you for all the things you have done to enhance and beautify the organ world.

I'd like to echo that, if I may.

On the other hand, I hadn't thought you were that old, John, going by the last time I saw you a few years ago!

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9 hours ago, John Pike Mander said:

For the record, I am 69.


Wow, I wouldn't have thought it.  You're older than me!  Still, I wish you a long and happy retirement.

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Not the end of an era, but the inception of a revolutionary and democratic hierarchy. 

What forward thinking - in so many respects. In one stroke, Mander Organs’ position as one of the UK’s and the World’s premier league organ builders is cemented - but in the ‘kit’ of Barcelona FC.

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