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Sadly, football is not coming home. But if England had got through to the final, would anyone have played anything special on Sunday? I was thinking of a fanfare based on the 'It's coming home' theme.

Any ideas from other forumites? And would you have played them?

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I would have assembled a large choir and orchestra and performed Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Boer War Te Deum. With its glorious ending incorporating the melody of Onward Christian Soldiers from the 12th minute it would surely have enticed millions of football supporters back home to church.



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I’d been prepared to write:

“The bubble no longer is burst:

    Them 3 Lions made it to FIRST.

    After all the big talk,

    England can proudly walk –

    And this tournament’s no longer cursed !”


Unfortunately, and in the present circumstances, I would suggest Super flumina Moscoensis, for the motet. The version by Tie seems to have been lost ! (No penalties are applicable.)

I’m sure it’d be easy to arrange for organ Copland’s Fanfare for the Distraught Fan.

And, as postlude, Ball’s Elegy.


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