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Some new history

Barry Jordan

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Many many years ago I wrote an article about the history of the organs in the cathedral of Magdeburg, which I've been privileged to serve for just about 15 years now. Life sentence. Anyway, I  have totally rewritten it, corrected some errors which resulted from too great a reliance on one particular source, and included quite a lot of new information which should have been staring me in the face but got overlooked. Any interest, here it is: http://www.magdeburgerdommusik.de/html/history.html

All best

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HI Barry,

Just had a read through of the pages on Magedburg's organ: very interesting. One comment, however, is that some of the links to pictures in the first two parts produced blank pages when I clicked on them. The two pictures I tried were the one of the 17th Century woodcut and the organ picture above the picture of the bomb damage around the cathedral.


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