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Allegro Music closing

Tony Newnham

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Received the following e-mail yesterday:-


A Fond Farewell from Allegro Music!

After just over 34 years in business,
Allegro Music is closing its
music retail doors to the general public on
Friday 8th February 2019

We will be continuing our production of archive reprints on behalf of
Oxford University Press, ABRSM and Schott & Co Ltd,
but we will no longer supply in-print sheet music from any publisher.

Our organ stock has moved to:
Sovereign House
30 Manchester Road

Tel:  01706 888 100
                                    Email: music@churchorganworld.co.uk


The end of an era!

Every Blessing


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This is indeed surprising news, though I did wonder whether something was going amiss last year when Organists' Review announced that subscriptions for 2019 were to be handled by IAO Trading Ltd rather than Allegro.  I'm sorry to hear of the reduced scope of the new Allegro and the difficulties they must have faced, as I found them unusually helpful on several occasions, almost going beyond the call of duty in a way which probably did not earn them much income.  A great pity.


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As many of us know, Allegro is the husband and wife team of Richard and Barbara Priest, well-named as Richard is now in the ordained Ministry and Vicar of the Stour Vale (Dorset) Group of Churches where he has responsibility for eight mediaeval churches!

Allegro have given outstanding service to their customers over the years.  I remember visiting their shop in Birmingham when the IAO Congress was held there - not certain of the year, late 1990s, I think - and John Scott was the IAO President.  Thereafter they developed the international mail-order business, appearing with their ‘shop’ at IAO Congresses (as they were then known) and the annual ‘London Organ Day’, and took on the Organists’ Review subscriptions and distribution.  Anyone with experience of being a local association secretary or treasurer would immediately realise what a daunting task in itself that must have been.

With best wishes and thanks to Richard and Barbara.

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