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A Campanology question

Tony Newnham

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A slightly unusual request.  Some time ago I wrote (or to be accurate, improvised a lot) os short pieces to introduce a series of sermons on the 7 Churches of Revelation.  As part of the introduction to no.1 I used bell sounds (from a keyboard) for something that sounded vaguely like change ringing on 7 bells.  I'm re-visiting the sermons, so thought I'd take the opportunity to revisit my short compositions, so, does anyone have any pointers to a suitable short change-ringing pattern for 7 bells that ends in rounds?  For what it's worth, the original rrecording I did is on Soundcloud at 

 - and you'll soon hear why it needs re-working!  (The other pieces are also on Soundcloud.
Thanks in anticipation

Every Blessing


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