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My apologies if this is completely off topic.

For several months now I have been exploring Youtube which has some 300 plus video recordings of  a young player from Holland.

gert van hoef 

In view of the fact that this young man only started to play the piano when he was 13 years old.

He seems to be making quite a name for himself

Lots of his early recordings were made on Electronic instruments, however , his online recordings

indicate that he is becoming quite a player .

Not being an organist myself, I'd be interested to hear any positive / constructive comment.

I Many thanks




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Expressing only a personal opinion rather than wanting to make it a tablet of stone, I would recommend the Sennheiser HD-650 without a doubt from an acoustic point of view on the basis of those I have lived with.  I think they have now been replaced by the HD-660S.  However the 650's had to my mind a major drawback considering their price, which is that the plastic headband on mine eventually failed after some years of flexing as you put them on and off.  They sold me a replacement but that cost c. £70 plus shipping, pretty poor I think for something in this price bracket.  Since then I've put them on and off rather carefully.  The 660S seems to have a similar or identical headband, so you've been forewarned!  Also the foam inside the earpieces disintegrates over time, as foam components in anything always do, though I was never sure what purpose it served anyway. But I have enjoyed them for many years from a musical point of view and continue to do so.


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My current main headphones are Sennheiser HD 289 Pro.  I've had them a couple of years now.  Good, balanced sound and reasonable isolation from external noises.  I have a few other sets of 'phones about the place by Sennheiser & Audi-Technica.

Every Blessing


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I suppose it depends how much you want to pay. However, I've been through far too many in the past few years and narrowed it down to my current ones, B and O H6 (not wireless by the way). Some might say that B and O are lifestyle products but that's not my experience with these and I was initially very dubious until I tried them in a shop. Very comfortable, completely covers the ear and there's no sound bleeding out for everyone else. I did have, like Colin Pykett,  a pair of Sennheisser HD650s and I really couldn't get on with them. For the price they weren't that well built and always felt loose, maybe I have small ears but it's always a bit of a subjective game here. They also bled a noticeable amount of sound out for others to enjoy (!), a consequence of open back design. Tried some Oppos (now no longer made) but they were heavy and eventually settled on the B and O's which have the performance of the Senns. and Oppos but at least half the price. Home use only with these though, I just use cheap and cheerful Sony's for trains and travel. The B and O's also have cable inputs on either ear which can e a boon. Sound quality is superb for me but that's always subjective and Hi-Fi is full of snake oil and voodoo claims.

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