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On another forum a member, who, I think, is also a member here has posted, under 'Organs in Danger', the following:


                 "I don't know if this organ has been reported before.

                  St Paul's Hockley Birmingham  - A lovely Conacher two Manual rebuilt by Hill Norman and Beard played by Thomas Trotter during the Mander town halll organ rebuild.
                  See http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N07367 for specification.
                  The church has gone happy Clappy !
                  The organ is in reasonable condition but needs a rebuild.

                   Church website


I have some, albeit brief, history here and would be interested if any members have any further information.

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This is incorrect.

The church has not gone ‘happy clappy, it never did. 

I left, after 13 years as DoM, in August 2016; my position became untenable but this was never to do with style of music or matters relating to music in worship. In fact after I left (followed by the entire choir) the traditional style, with use of the organ continued.

Following a very dark period, which could be the subject of a very readable book one day, the church finally had a fresh start with a Priest in Charge appointed about a year ago. He’s rebuilding the congregation (which stood at 3) and the place is slowly healing.

The organ is used for the weekly service, played by a RBC Organ Student, and also for concerts such as the run of Carols by Candlelight concerts presented by Ex-Cathedra each Christmas.

The organ is in fairly good condition considering its age, there were plans developed for a new organ using the historic pipework alongside new, and extensive surveys and research had been done to ensure that nothing of artistic or historical value was disguarded in the scheme. This had to be put on hold about 6 years ago when it became apparent that the building needed work first and this should have been the priority for any funding.

The building has had some emergency repairs after ceiling collapses, etc. but is still in need of about £1m to restore it, so any organ scheme is a long way off.

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