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Women composers (of organ music)

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1 hour ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

The distinguished Australian organist June Nixon has composed extensively - see her website for the full list.

And although most her pieces are miniatures, many are real gems which are ideal for church organists for service use. It was only a slip of the mind that meant I did not include her in my opening post on this topic - I have played many of her pieces and will continue to do so.

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The only female member of Les Six, Germaine Tailleferre, wrote, in 1939, a Prelude and Fugue for organ with ad lib Trumpet and Trombone. There is also a 'Nocturne' for Organ dating from 1977.

Helene Fleury-Roy wrote an attractive Pastorale for organ.

There is an Alleluia for organ, written in 1958 by Lydia Boucher, a Canadian composer and music educator. She was also a Nun and taught composition and organ at several Canadian institutions. It wouldn't surprise me if there was more out there by her. 

Evelyn Faltis wrote a Mass with organ Op. 13b and a Fantasy and Double Fugue with Dies Irae Op. 12 (in 1922).

Johanna Senfter, who had been a pupil if Reger left, as you might expect, a number of works for organ. Fantasie and Fugue Op. 30a, A set of Seven Chorale Preludes Op. 30b, a set of Variations on 'Morgenglanz der Ewigheit' Op. 66, Ten Choral Pieces Op. 70 and Six Choral Preludes Op 73  


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BBC Radio 3 had a rather good Choir and Organ programme yesterday and played Meditācija ērģelēm by Lūcija Garūta.  I believe she is a Latvian composer and has a few organ works under her belt.  It can be heard at:


The are other interesting items, but this one really caught my ear, so to speak.

Now the inevitable question - does anyone have a copy of the score for this piece??????

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On ‎07‎/‎05‎/‎2019 at 09:45, Martin Cooke said:

Mmm... not sure there is much by Ms Ashford that I shall want to play... but the website - (here it is again) - is definitely one that needs a good rummage - maybe a bit of a treasure trove of unusual pieces.


and of Railway memorabilia!!!

I had a 'good rummage' a lot of it I would never have used but it was definitely worth the time - if only to find out about the Hull to Barnsley Railway company!!!

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