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Ernest Farrar - Fantasy Prelude Op 5

Paul Isom

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I've just been reading the article on Ernest Farrar's organ music in the latest BIOS journal.  I have much of his music, but not this one.  It looks more substantial than some of his other works.  I can't seem to find it anywhere, does anyone have a copy or any idea where I might find one?

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"There is a collection of Four Pieces by Ernest Farrar who was killed in the First World War in 1918. The volume contains his Fantasy-Prelude Op.5, Prelude and Variations on a Ground Bass Op.22, Elegy Op.13 and A Wedding Piece Op.18. Farrar was taught by Stanford and he himself taught Gerald Finzi. The collection is published by fitzjohnmusic@btinternet.com Please forgive the commercial!"

from : David Patrick - Mander Organs Forum - October 25th 2014

Hope that helps.

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