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I saw eternity the other night


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Might I suggest this excellent book as possible holiday reading on far flung beaches? I’m on my second read through and it’s no less riveting than the first time. The link below is not a buying plug, it’s available from all sorts of outlets including the Brazilian bank-robbers......

As many on here also look after and nurture choirs it’s a fascinating history, written by someone with extensive knowledge of recordings from way back. The synopsis should whet your appetites.

Very heartily recommended and it sweeps all kinds of misconceptions and myths firmly under the carpet.


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I have recently bought a copy and am enjoying it very much.  From the impressive number of end notes it is obviously very deeply researched.  I haven't got very far into it yet, but what I have read so far does a great deal to explain the lamentable attitude to music in those churches that don't have the determination and resources to support a professional standard of music. Plus ça change!

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