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York Minster - "stolen" pipe!


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Strangely, it would have been about 1970 at a guess, around the same time this pipe was 'stolen', when a friend and I were visiting the Minster and noticed a table (I think in the north choir aisle) with a collection of organ pipes.  Perhaps they were cleaning some pipes or whatever.  I remember my friend picking up a pipe - a trumpet  by the looks of it, and from somewhere in the treble register - and decided to give it a blow... nothing... so he blew a bit harder and we both jumped when it gave quite a loud sound.

At that very time, a verger who bore a distinct resemblance to a large bat pounced upon us and tore us off a strip.  Of course, we both gave our apologies and made ourselves scarce.

I wonder if that would have been the same time and place this organ pipe was stolen.

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