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Ernest Bullock - Rhapsody No.1 in C major

Paul Isom

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I can't find a copy anywhere but Damin Spritzer includes it in her recording from Hereford Cathedral - so she must have a copy.

It might be worth getting in touch with her. Her website is: https://www.daminspritzer.com/ and her email address: daminspritzer@gmail.com

Hope that helps.


(P.S. She is playing at Wells Cathedral on October 11th)

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S_L's advice would seem to be the best. John Henderson's A Directory of Composers for Organ shows the publisher as being Augener, now being handled by Stainer & Bell; sadly, it's not in their catalogue.  It's not in either of the two RCO libraries (RCM and Birmingham) nor, of course, on the IMSLP site.

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