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As promised, the programme from Flor Peeters opening recital at the rebuilt Leeds Town Hall organ in May 1972:

Those who trace changing taste in organ recital programmes will find this interesting....

Lübeck: Praeludium {Prelude and Fugue] in E minor
Buxtehude Chorale: In dulci iubilo

Hanff Chorale: War Gott nicht mit uns dieser zeit

Böhm Chorale: Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’

Bach Prelude & Fugue in B minor, S544

Franck Choral I in E major

Peeters from Six Lyrical Pieces, Op 116: Duo for Flutes and Cromorne – Contemplative Canzona

Peeters Variations and Finale on an Old Flemish Carol – Last ons mit Herten Reyne – Op 20

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16 hours ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

I was at a recital in Salisbury Cathedral in the mid-1990s given by a well-known player, happily still with us, and suffered the full effects of the Salisbury tuba(s) - plural possible as he may have used the 4’ clarion as well - and very shortly after had a perforated left eardrum with excruciating pain.  Nevertheless I greatly admired the Salisbury Father Willis, and still do.  HW III left his mark on his grandfather’s organs at St George’s Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral, and I have often wondered whether he did more at Salisbury than Sir Walter Alcock possibly realised.

H&H have noted that the recent restoration included removing felt from inside the resonators of the Great reeds.

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20 hours ago, iy45 said:

Could it, perchance, have been E Power Biggs? I remember some Sweelinck in St George's Hall, Liverpool where the antiphony between chorus reeds and tubas seemed ever so slightly inauthentic?


Almost 100% certain it wasn't Biggs. I’m wondering if it might have been Christopher Dearnley. I had only just started learning the organ!

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The complete recons

2 hours ago, bam said:

There's a picture in today's Telegraph of the instrument and a quick search showed this:


Very good news and I hope the fundraising goes well.

Thank you!  Members of the forum might like to know that complete details of the organ rebuild will be presented at a special event both live and online on June 26 at 1pm (preceded by a recital at 11am).   I'll be giving a full presentation on the rebuild plans in conjunction with the organ builders, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions as well.  Full details (and free tickets for those who want to attend in person) on the Town Hall website next week.

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As this was mentioned in another thread, I should mention that the event with the organ builders to present all the details of the rebuild that was due to take place after last Saturday's recital has had to be postponed until 17 July at 1pm.  Apologies to those who had planned to attend.  You can get free tickets on the Town Hall website to attend live, or it will be streamed on YouTube - here's the link for both:



   Then we can (finally) announce all the details.  Last Saturday's recital did go ahead, if anyone would still like to watch it (we now have video as well, plus improved microphones) - Guilmant, Grainger (not CPE Bach as on the listing), Bach BWV537, and pieces by S S Wesley, Robin Walker, Eric Coates and Vierne.



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