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As promised, the programme from Flor Peeters opening recital at the rebuilt Leeds Town Hall organ in May 1972:

Those who trace changing taste in organ recital programmes will find this interesting....

Lübeck: Praeludium {Prelude and Fugue] in E minor
Buxtehude Chorale: In dulci iubilo

Hanff Chorale: War Gott nicht mit uns dieser zeit

Böhm Chorale: Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’

Bach Prelude & Fugue in B minor, S544

Franck Choral I in E major

Peeters from Six Lyrical Pieces, Op 116: Duo for Flutes and Cromorne – Contemplative Canzona

Peeters Variations and Finale on an Old Flemish Carol – Last ons mit Herten Reyne – Op 20

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16 hours ago, Rowland Wateridge said:

I was at a recital in Salisbury Cathedral in the mid-1990s given by a well-known player, happily still with us, and suffered the full effects of the Salisbury tuba(s) - plural possible as he may have used the 4’ clarion as well - and very shortly after had a perforated left eardrum with excruciating pain.  Nevertheless I greatly admired the Salisbury Father Willis, and still do.  HW III left his mark on his grandfather’s organs at St George’s Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral, and I have often wondered whether he did more at Salisbury than Sir Walter Alcock possibly realised.

H&H have noted that the recent restoration included removing felt from inside the resonators of the Great reeds.

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20 hours ago, iy45 said:

Could it, perchance, have been E Power Biggs? I remember some Sweelinck in St George's Hall, Liverpool where the antiphony between chorus reeds and tubas seemed ever so slightly inauthentic?


Almost 100% certain it wasn't Biggs. I’m wondering if it might have been Christopher Dearnley. I had only just started learning the organ!

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