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Our Lady of Victories, Kensington


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I used to know this church quite well and, trawling the Internet, I see they are having a new four manual Skrabi organ. I thought members might be interested and so the stop list I give below:

PÉDALE (32 notes)
Soubasse 32
Contrebasse 16
Principal 16
Bourdon 16
Prestant 8
Flûte 8
Octave 4
Contre Bombarde 32
Bombarde 16
Trompette 8

I: GRAND ORGUE (61 notes)
Bourdon 16
Montre 8
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Flûte harmonique 8
Prestant 4
Flûte 4
Octave 2
Trompette 8
Clairon 4
Quinte 2 2/3
Fourniture IV
Recit - Grand Orgue 16
Grand Orgue 16
Grand Orgue 4
Grand Orgue annulation 8

II: POSITIF (61 notes)
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Rhorflûte 8
Viole de gambe 8
Voix céleste 8
Octave 4
Bourdon 4
Octave 2
Dulciane 8
Quinte 2 2/3
Tierce 1 3/5
Trémolo Positif
Positif 16
Positif 4
Positif annulation 8

Bourdon 16
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Violoncelle 8
Voix angélique 8
Flûte ouverte 4
Nazard 2 2/3
Octavin 2
Hautbois 16
Trompette 8
Hautbois 8
Voix humaine 8
Clairon 4
Plein jeu IV
Trémolo Récit
Récit 16
Récit 4
Récit annulation 8

IV: BOMBARDE (61 notes)
Flûte traversière 8
Flûte traversière 4
Trompette Pontificale 16
Trompette Pontificale 8
Trompette Pontificale 4

Tirasse Grand Orgue
Tirasse Positif
Tirasse Récit Expressif 
Tirasse Bombarde

Positif - Grand Orgue
Récit - Grand Orgue
Bombarde - Grand Orgue
Récit - Positif
Bombarde - Positif
Bombarde - Recit
Grand Orgue - Bombarde

Tutti I
Tutti II
Divisional pistons 1 - 10 
General pistons 1 - 10 (to 999)
Pedal divide

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20 hours ago, SomeChap said:

It seems Skrabl have well and truly arrived on the UK musical scene.

Some of us would say that they have been here for some considerable time - others would disagree, I suspect!!!

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On 14/04/2022 at 23:13, Contrabombarde said:

That's some performance and some organ all right.

What are the funny metal pokey up things in the video in between the wooden pipes at around 1 min 34? Some type of hook to hold them upright?

If you mean the metal flaps attached to the the tops of the open wood pipes, that is how they are tuned.

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On 15/04/2022 at 23:16, bigwold said:

If you mean the metal flaps attached to the the tops of the open wood pipes, that is how they are tuned.

I'm certain that Contrabombarde doesn't mean that at all.

The pipes look to me as if they have a screw-in eye hook which fits over the slightly bent metal rod coming from a central piece of wood and that holds the pipes in place. Stronger than a piece of ribbon/string/cloth etc. but I've never seen that before!

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Yep, I've never seen anything quite like that before, for a moment I thought I was looking at a rank of tiny metal pipes bent Walt Disney concerthall style. I assumed they must be to hold the pipes, though not all seems to be attached to pipes. Short lengths of ribbon would seem to be a somewhat cheaper and more common alternative.

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