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Following the resignation of Martin Baker at Westminster Cathedral there is bound to be speculation and rumour as to what is to happen next. And so I give the 'Chapter & Verse' from the Diocese so that that speculation and rumour is kept to a minimum!!!

From Archbishop's House:

The Diocese of Westminster is undertaking a strategic review of the role of sacred music in the mission of Westminster Cathedral.

In a statement issue this morning the Diocese states:

The musical tradition of Westminster Cathedral, in its excellence, constitutes a crucial and powerful part of the mission of the Cathedral. The Choir of Westminster Cathedral is recognised as one of the finest in the world. Since its foundation in 1901 it has occupied a unique and enviable position at the forefront of English church music, famous both for its distinctive continental sound and its repertoire.

The review will consider the steps needed to strengthen the role played by sacred music, as well as the structures and clarity of roles required for the continued development of the contribution of music to the mission of the Cathedral, within the network of relationships between the Cathedral, its Music Department and Westminster Cathedral Choir School.

A panel has been appointed to undertake this review over the next eight to 10 weeks, which will be completed by early April 2020. Members of the panel bring experience, knowledge and deep interest in the role of Westminster Cathedral and its great musical tradition.

Commenting on this announcement, Cardinal Nichols said: "In welcoming this strategic review of the role of sacred music in the mission of Westminster Cathedral, I thank most sincerely those who are going to conduct it. They do so with my full confidence.

"Our musical heritage is precious and this strategic review is an opportunity to strengthen this heritage and look forward to the next ten years with confidence."

In addition to consulting with a number of post holders and external experts members may wish to approach, the panel welcomes submissions from interested parties. These submissions should be made in writing by 17th February 2020, by email to strategicreview@rcdow.org.uk or by post to Strategic Review Panel, Vaughan House, 46 Francis Street, London SW1P 1QN.


Full Details of the Strategic Review can be found here:



and: The Panel will receive written comments and submissions from any interested parties, until Monday 17th February 2020


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