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Music shop recommendations

Paul Isom

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In keeping with the customs of the board I won't answer your question!!!

Not sure about music shops - I 'googled' "Music shop - Breda", as I'm sure you did, and several places came up - with websites! One was a 'drum salon' the rest seemed to be leaning more towards the more contemporary popular style of music!!

If I had a couple of spare hours to spend I would make my way to the Grotekerk to see the four manual Flentrop put in there in 1969. It is quite stunning. http://orguesfrance.com/BredaGroteKerk.html There is also the orgue du choeur from 1778  by Strumphler which is rather spectacular - in a very different way! It was originally a house organ.

The Kathedrale Kerk has a two manual organ by Loret dating from 1858

About 12km away there is Oosterhout with several interesting instruments.

Beware though. The Dutch are closing quite a few 'public' places because of the Coronavirus - you may be unlucky!!

I haven't been to Breda for a very long time. The last time I was there was because of taking a wrong turning on the Antwerp ring-road!!!

Enjoy your trip!




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