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Organ Music by Kenneth Blackwell

Martin Cooke

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Does anyone happen to have or know any organ music by this West Country musician. I have Five Short Hymn-Interludes, originally published by Oecumuse in 1988 but not in the Fagus Music catalogue. They are really delightful - luscious, even - miniatures, and if there is other music out there, I suspect it would repay a visit. Online, there is reference to a piece based on Eventide, which would make a good start. Can anyone help?

Many thanks;


PS - I'm think that hymn preludes will be taking a prominent part in worship over the coming weeks instead of the hymns themselves at Gradual, Offertory and Communion. 

PPS - I should have looked in Henderson sooner! In addition to the collection mentioned above, Oecumuse also published Five Short Hymn-Postludes. I would love a scan of these!

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