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2 hours ago, ptindall said:

But Facebook groups are no more difficult to search than fora... Just because people don't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. Mine has an index, anyway, so you can see what's there. 

I'd like to agree with you but personally I haven't found the same experience and importantly it's not indexed by Google. One of the major ways that people find out about things is to be able to search and find things through the search engines and in this, both this forum and others are supreme.

www.organmatters.co.uk is a place where organ enthusiasts, players and builders and appreciateurs alike can bring things to attention without worrying about anyone treading on anyone else's toes and, because it's found by Google, has a wide reach. FB in contrast is a rather claustrophobic place where bubbles exist but have no influence beyond their sphere.

Best wishes and with all encouragement,

David P



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I never use FaceBook - it interferes too much with even the process of trying to read it.

Meanwhile, I note that the front page of this forum has been updated with information about F H Browne's, and that registration on the forum has been re-enabled.  I guess this indicates that the forum is to continue under the new management.


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