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London Blitz - organs destroyed.

Achilles 3201

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Please could someone with a copy of Nicholas M. Plumley's Organs of the City of London: From the Restoration to the Present look up p.145

re. St. Augustine with St. Faith, Watling Street, and p. 45 re. St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, Queen Victoria Street and confirm that he states both organs were destroyed by an incendiary attack during WW2, on 10th May 1941. Does he record other organs being destroyed on this night ?  Thank you.

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Plumley's book merely says of each organ (on pp 45 and 156) that they were destroyed in a bombing raid during 1940.  No more detail than that.

There's no index of dates of destruction, and I don't have time right now to go through the whole book looking...

But it may be of interest to know (from p157) that the pipework of the Jordan organ stored but not erected in St Benet Fink was sold for scrap in 1941 to aid the war effort.


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