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F H Browne and Sons is proud to announce that it has acquired Mander Organs of London and from 1st October 2020 will trade as Mander Organ Builders.

The acquisition of Mander Organs allows F H Browne, now in its 150th year, to continue recent growth within the organ building industry, reaching a wider market, and building on the collective expertise of both F H Browne and Mander.  The company will maintain and extend the provision of all our existing services (new builds, restorations, tuning and maintenance, and coverings), led by the current F H Browne management team.

We are also delighted to welcome John Mander as Chairman of Mander Organ Builders, his expertise and insight will be invaluable to moving the business forward and will also demonstrate continuity with the Mander Organs business which has been successful in the UK and Internationally since the 1930s.

F H Browne moved to a new purpose-built workshop just outside Canterbury at the end of 2019, from where we will continue to base our operations.

All existing staff, of which four are former Mander employees, will continue in their current roles, providing service to existing valued customers.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will notice a few changes, including our website, logo and e-mail addresses.  However, existing phone numbers will remain unaltered, and from a day-to-day perspective, there will be no changes to the service provided, or to our costs.  We will continue to maintain a strong local presence, as well as reaching a wider market in the UK and abroad.

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