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Repertoire - Gordon Young & Denis Bédard

Martin Cooke

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These must be amongst some of the most prolific composers for the organ in modern times... (actually, I wonder if that is true...) and I rather see DB as a latter day GY. Anyway, there are some very well-known pieces by GY such as Prelude in Classic Style (though the title irritates me) but amongst the mass of other organ music, I wonder if I am missing anything that others have found enjoyable and/or useful. There is a Trumpet Tune in C major and a Lied in the style of Debussy that I also play.

And then, this morning I have taken delivery of Volume 2 in the RSCM series of Bédard publications. Again... any hot favourites out there? I have several but will keep those for a future posting.


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8 hours ago, Richard Fairhurst said:

Bédard's Christmas pieces are lots of fun, particularly the 'Il est né' toccata: https://www.rscmshop.com/books/N0981/bedard-organ-works-for-christmas

A great recommendation, Richard - one can hear it here. Everything else in that album is also worth playing. I particularly enjoy the Postlude sur un Noël which you can hear here.

But... I have just learned to my cost that some publications end up being wrapped up within other albums. So, the two works referred to above come in an album called Organ Works for Christmas, but the il est né and a little set of variations on a Huron carol are both in Organ Works Volume 2 - as is the whole of the Suite Liturgique, which I had also previously purchased. All in all, it may be worth a bit of research before you buy. All these albums come in nicely produced format from the RSCM. By the way, the Sortie from the Suite Liturgique is quite a good little crowd pleaser - tricky to manage without a page turner, mind - you will see that the performer in this video has it all stuck in his art book.

Anyone seeking a less 'full on' or more gentle introduction to some quieter Bédard could try the two sets of Interludes which I have found very useful and attractive after they were recommended to me. All of his music is published by the RSCM.

Anyone going to bring up Gordon Young?

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