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My regular 'playing machine' is a one man. village organ dating from the end of the 19th Century - it is enclosed with the exception of the 8' Open and Pedal 16'. None of the stops are divided as such although a stopped bass is provided for the TC 8' stops, there is a nice chorus up to 2' and a little 8' Oboe. Surprisingly quite a lot can be played on it despite its limitations.

A 12 year old instrument built in the 'Brit.' style by a Swedish organbuilder set me thinking - the stoplist is below but what would other contributors do in a typical village situation (small choir but nothing complex - repertoire wise) with a maximum of say 12 stops on one manual and pedal? Any style, all, no or partial enclosure is allowed as are divided stops, 'suboctave' derivations to pedal or other such things could be ued but on mechanical action.


St Peter & St Sigfrid, Stockholm (Fondell)

Manual: Dble Diap Bass 16 (TC), Dble Diap Treble 16, OD 8, StD 8, Salic.8, Princ. 4, Ch Fl 4, 15th 2, Mixt III, Cornet Treble III, Trumpet Bass 8, Trumpet Treble 8,

Pedal: Subbass 16, Trombone 16.

Manual-Pedal coupler

Divided stops B/Mid C

No enclosed stops


I've not heard this but looking at what is there it seems to be quite flexible. I think the 16' based chorus and Trombone will no doubt pack quite a punch but there are seemingly endless permutations with the quieter flues and string along with the Treble Cornet and divided reed. (If I could do anything else I would probably enclose at least part and add a Celeste to pair with the Salicional.)



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Alastair - the instrument which you quote looks to be quite well-designed. After breakfast, I will have a think about it; though apart from a Céleste (and some tonal percussion 'traps' for Brian), I cannot immediately think of any improvements.


Oh - and a Choir to Pub stop, naturally.

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