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Home organ required


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On 17/11/2020 at 04:03, Cantoris said:

Yes, absolutely "well done Miriam." Indeed an inspiration.

However from the first millisecond of putting down the first chord just so electronic. Again get what you pay for in that price range class of instrument. Attend full recital on that? no thankyou go home or the pub early.

But here we have in so many instances young peoples first experience of the classical "pipe organ." So I guess good on it of course.

I have to say I agree. I have a similar instrument (also a Viscount 3-manual, but slightly smaller spec) at home, and while it greatly facilitates practice, and I wouldn’t want to be without it, I wouldn’t want to hear a recital on one. Perhaps that is by the by - Miriam’s recital was splendid, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, even if I didn’t enjoy the sound. 

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Bump - in case anyone wanted to follow that ebay listng - at time of writing it has four hours to go.

In the mean time, Hauptwerk has even started to generate work for pipe organ builders; no less revered a name than Bernard Aubertin has built a console modelled directly on Clicquot's at Souvigny specifically for Hauptwerk, complete with tracker key action and mechanical stops, a shove coupler, a short octave, a French-style short pedal board etc -see here for a demonstration.  

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On 24/11/2020 at 16:33, innate said:

Can anyone that has a home organ tell me how high the lowest manual is from the floor? Many thanks.

86cm from the top of the keyboard to the floor; 

76cm from the top of the keyboard to the pedals (naturals);

65cm bench height

on my organ (1840 Hill) 

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Just pointing out that there's an interesting small organ on Ebay at the moment. 


It being in Italy is a drawback to visiting it and transporting it.

There's a link to a video of it playing and I can't say I like the reed in the Couperin and it is more top heavy than would suit a small room. Swapping a couple of ranks out could make a difference and turn it into something very good.

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