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Bats in St Bavo


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All of a sudden those severe 1960s neo-baroque cases with grills filling the space between and above the pipes in the facade don't seem such a bad idea.

An article in the Dutch Reformatorisch Dagblad gives more detail, saying that in effect the whole facade is going to be restored, but also says that woodworm has been found in the instrument and needs to be treated. Also, as the facade pipes need to be cleaned they're going to take the opportunity to address a couple of the 32' pedal pipes which speak poorly or not at all. It's going to be quite a job. As an aside, I don't know whether organ cases and the musical parts are or can be listed separately as historical monuments in the Netherlands, as in France.

You can read the article here Vleermuis vervuilt Müllerorgel Bavo Haarlem; grote schoonmaak nodig (rd.nl) - but not on a Sunday. The RD is the daily newspaper of the Dutch Reformed Church, and they apply the day of rest to their website as well as to other daily activities. 

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