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Slovakian and Hungarian organs


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Thanks for the add!

Last year I started following an organist on youtube (Frantisek Beer) who plays various organs in Slovakia, and a kid  age 11 who lives in Gyomore Hungary who jumped in and took over the organ playing for services when their organist was deposed and they had no one else!

I've been trying to find out about the organs with little success, what I have found is;


Parish Church of St. Bartholomew (Myslava)

one-manual with pedals and a mechanical action of 10 registers, Rieger Testverek, Budapest, Opus 846.


Košice, Dominican Church  2 m Rieger Testeverek


Vráble, kostol Preblahoslavenej Panny Márie
2m,  Tattinger Ferene organ and harmonium epito vallalate Ersekujvar.

St Elizabeth, Košice has a 3m whose name escapes me

Gyomore Hungary- Franz Stramer, single manual, about 6 stops, ca 1870,  in a church built in 1772

Mr Beer speaks English and does respond to comments when he has time, I've learned the organs still retain their tracker actions and it seems that except for the 3m in St Elizabeth- the rest date to pre 1900.

Since following Mr Beers videos which are always high quality, I located the specific books I saw being used, which had music I never heard before, so after some  difficulty I was able to purchase them from books stores in Slovakia and Hungary- the JKS book, (Jednotny Katholicky Spevnik)  the EE book (Eneklo Egyhaz)  and the SzVU book (Szent vagy, urami!) to explore on my Moller residence organ, so naturally I am interested in finding more out about the organs I'm hearing in the videos.

There is another organ I found in Brazil in a cathedral that obvious to me was much older than the building and looked out of place and small in the loft, the kid who plays it is trying to interest the congregation in the organ and has been working with people trying to get a small choir going!

He said they know nothing about the organ, after some research I figured out it was moved there, maybe from their previus church and that was partially confirmed. It looks like it dates to the 1890s and sounds great, it's only about 5 ranks and the kid did a tour video of the inside and demo of the stops.



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The forum isn't dead at all.

But, like all fora is goes through quiet times! 

Stick with it - there are some interesting people on here with a huge wealth of knowledge of their subject.

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